Queers Fail Better – Q / A with bill bissett

Queers Fail Better – Q / A with bill bissett


In her book ‘The Queer Art of Failure’ Judith Halberstam offers alternative ways of knowing and becoming. Instead of valuing the conventional paths of belonging, achievement and completion, she thinks about and champions the ways of “failure”: losing your way, giving in, being excluded, forgetting, awkwardness, coming apart. Not just rejecting the “normal,” Halberstam shows alternatives to success as paths that have always been there, moving away from mastery and coherence. In this series of Q&A’s with contributors to our upcoming Queer issue, we play with these ideas. When we aren’t trying to finish first (or finish anything) where do we end up?

wher we ar  thr is no end up  thees ar narrativ delusyuns  or fansees

Think back to when you started writing. What’s an earlier influence you outgrew, abandoned, or turned against?

evreething is an nfluens  thr is nothing 2 abandon 

When a piece of writing doesn’t work out, what do you do with it? Discard? Fold it into another project? Salvage parts?

let it simmr in a big pile uv writing  save parts latr  salvage  disassembul  n reassembul

What do you do with your rejection letters?

put them in memorabilia boxes  n ship them 2 york u  4 tax credits

Do you plan out the piece beforehand or find your way as you go along? A combination of both?

def a combinaysyun uv both  n that gets supplanted  by listning 2 th writing guides  n

following th urges n strains uv th writing itselvs

When a project is finished, how do you start the next one? Or do your projects overlap?

evreething is overlapping  ideas  konstrukts uv ficksyun n fact  past  present  effekts

wher is th linear strt ahed  

Have you ever not sent a piece of writing somewhere because it seemed “too gay/queer” for that publication?


What do you do to procrastinate?

go swimming   mooveez   see frends   text sumwun  

Has anyone ever said something completely discouraging to you as an artist? Did it take the wind out of your sails or did it drive you forward? Or both?

probablee neithr   eye just keep going with what ium dewing  no prson has th powr 2 change th wind

Can a piece of writing fail, or is that a bullshit notion?

failure like success is a binaree nosyun  n is kinduv not interesting  abstract nouns ar set ups 4  mind whacking  tennis   games  that dont reelee uplift  reelee kind uv imprison  box up identiteez   ovr deefine


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