Poetry Fortune Teller by Dani Couture

Poetry Fortune Teller by Dani Couture

In the "Youth [Culture]" issue of Poetry Is Dead, Dani Couture provided one of her Poetry Fortune Tellers. We provide the Fortune Teller for you here to download and print.

"I like recalling forgotten skills. Reassembling a five-band puzzle ring (I once managed to put an eight-band ring back together). Building a fire. Making a paper fortune teller. In 2010, I sat at my desk and made a paper fortune teller from memory. I hadn't made one in close to 25 years. The old rules of what was written inside didn't fit my advanced age. Fortunes--some for better, some for worse--had already happened. So, what to include? Instead of what could bes, I turned to what was on my shelf. Books of poetry. From those books, I pulled "fortunes" from the poems and included them within the folds. Open up one and interpret as you will." - Dani Couture

Click here to download the PDF of the Fortune Teller.

For instructions on how to fold your fortune teller visit: http://www.ehow.com/how_2053986_make-paper-fortune-teller.html


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