Youth [Culture]

Youth [Culture] / Issue 11

Youth [Culture]

May, 2015

Issue eleven, "Youth [Culture]" edited by Cynara Geissler is 80 pages of poetry, essays, original art, photography and reviews. 


I Long and Seek After: The Spinster’s Almanac on Fragments of Sapphisty

by Marika Prokosh

Wheelies is Dead. Long Live Wheelies

by Kimmy Beach



by Dina Del Bucchia

2 Poems

by Kayla Czaga

2 Poems

by Mallor Tater

According to my calculations

by Leanne Dunic


by Jenn Dickieson

internet things

by Daniel Toumine

Buzzfeed Poetics

by Heather Fraser

Level 256

by nathan dueck

The Outing of Harriet M Welsch

by Marika Prokosh

Homicide Blonde

by Tanis MacDonald


Kelvin Girls

by Chandra Mayor

please please touch me

by Faye Harnest & Devon E. Sioui


by Nick Comilla

The Porn We Watched

by David Huebert

I wonder if Jesus ever touched himself

by Geoffrey Nilson

Black Walls

by Sara Bynoe

Bathroom Graffiti

by Shannon Rayne

This Song

by Lauren Kresowaty


by Sarah Ens

After we had each grabbed a leg and tugged the wolf's body into the ditch, covering it the best we could with sticks, leaves, and mud, she says, You know I'll never leave you.

by Richard Kelly Kemick


by Zane Koss


by Adèle Barclay

Charnel House

by Curtis LeBlanc

Special Project

Poetry Fortune Teller

by Dani Couture

Exquisite Corpse

by Ahniko, Jocelyn Boileau and Louella Lester

Poetry Emergency Response Team

by Laura Farina and Mr. Hotshot


The Things I Heard About You by Alex Leslie

reviewed by Elee Kraljii Gardiner

Downverse by Nikki Reimer

reviewed by Elee Kraljii Gardiner

From the Poplars by Cecily Nicholson

reviewed by Leah Horlick

Canoodlers by andrea bennett

reviewed by Eric Schmultz

MxT by Sina Queyras

reviewed by Jonathan Turner


In conversation with Olivia B and Floyd VB

Conducted by Cynara Geissler


Daniel Zomparelli


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Cynara Geissler



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