Future / Issue 10


November, 2014

Issue ten, "Future" edited by Daniel Zomparelli is 80 pages of poetry, essays, original art, photography and reviews. 


A Preface (of sorts) to the Zenotext

by Philip Miletic

Poetry and the War with the Dead

by Jonathan Ball


[from] Clusters

by Jonathan Ball

4 Poems

by Dezene Huber

4 Poems

by Justin Million

3 Poems

by Helen Hajnoczky

After Rain 2

by Matthew Walsh

Bubble Wrap

by Don Share

Too long a sacrifice can make a toxin of the earth

by Rita Wong

Institutional Critique

by Amy De'Ath

Childhood of the Automaton Girls

by Beth Langford

Costco Parking Lots

by Rebecca Salazar


I don't bother canning peaches

by Elena Johnson

"Insecure Much? Ha ... Ha ..."

by Daniel Scott Tysdal

Donna Haraway Collapsed

by Ben Rawluk and Michael Joyce

Eavesdropping on Two Geek Girls at SciCon 2014

by Kim Mannix


by Michelle Elrick


by Philip Gordon

My Hiroshima

by ryan fitzpatrick

Pardon the Interruption

by Christina Cooke

The Proper Disposal Procedure

by Andrea DeAngelis


by Pamela Mosher

An Empty Landscape

by Ivan de Monbrison


by Jordan Abel

2 Poems

by tyson john atkings

Special Project

A collaborative series of visual poems written for the future

by Eric Schmaltz, Gregory Betts and Gary Barwin


For Tamara by Sarah Lang

reviewed by Kim Fu

Light by Souvankham Thammavongsa

reviewed by Kevin Spenst

Pluck by Laisha Rosnau

reviewed by Anna Maxymiw

Birth of the Uncool by Madeline Walker

reviewed by Margret Bollerup

There Are No Solid Gold Dancers Anymore by Adrienne Weiss

reviewed by Elizabeth Ross


An interview with robots

Conducted by Jordan Abel and Daniel Zomparelli


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