Letter From the Editors: Intersections

Letter From the Editors: Intersections

by Shazia Hafiz Ramji and Sheryda Warrener


an intersection is a searching

a searching is curatorial

curatorial studies is critical
and conceptual practices of looking 

practices of looking are singular 

singular and plural verbs list 

a list is an ordered collection

a collection being a set of two or more

two or more elements are linked together

together we synonym
synonym for experience

experience together quotes
quotes are useless

useless exercise machines

machine is not ready to accept connections

connections on port
port is a communication point between

between the world and me, the dream

the dream of text and the dream of narrative

narrative of debris
debris or débris is rubble, wreckage, ruins, litter, discarded trash, scattered 

remains of something destroyed, refuse

refuse is included in rent
rent is too damn high

high is to low as sky is to analogy

analogy is no argument
argument is of length zero

zero length columns are not allowed

allowance for doubtful accounts

account for an intersection described by law

law as an outward expression, a publication

a publication for enthusiasts 

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