The Final Year

The Final Year

Hi friends of Poetry Is Dead!


We wanted to let you know that our 20th issue (our final issue of 2019) will also be our last issue. Poetry Is Dead was never meant to be an ongoing magazine but more of a blip in time. We are thankful we will have been able to produce 20 poetry-filled issues, and we hope you enjoyed them and our final issues (The Drama Issue and The Small Town Issue).


When we started this magazine 10 years ago with then Art Director Easton West and Managing Editor Leah Rae, I never expected it to last this long. I threw my entire savings into the magazine and was hoping to have enough funding to get to six issues. The first issues were a big learning lesson, and I made one million mistakes (sorry!), but we ended up getting funded by BC Arts Council, Canada Council and the City of Vancouver over the years. Because of them we were able to produce the magazine, several online collaborative issues and lots and lots of launch parties. We added on Dina Del Bucchia and Ben Rawluk to take over, and they have really done amazing work. We also have had a great crew of volunteers, board members, editors and supporters over the years. Too many to name, but you’re all there in our hearts and on the mastheads.


I named this magazine Poetry Is Dead to make light of the articles that would come out once a year to claim that poetry was dead. In fact, things have come full circle and we were even mentioned in an article about how poetry is dead (spoiler: the journalist did not like us lol)! Poetry feels more vibrant and more energized than ever. There’s been several poetry books making bestseller lists, there’s endless communities of poets online, there’s new small presses, new online magazines, and it is truly exciting. Maybe I am just becoming sincere as I’ve aged. Maybe now I’m like the people who comment on all our social media “WHY NOT CALL IT POETRY IS ALIVE AND WELL?” If I was creating a poetry magazine right here and now, there’s no way I would title it Poetry Is Dead.


While the magazine will stop printing, our final issue will stay on sale for a few more months. All of the extra funding from the sales will pay for website hosting and for our ongoing podcast Can’t Lit. We hope you enjoyed the magazine, we are thankful to all those who supported it, and who subscribed and showed up for our events. And if you’re planning on starting a Canadian poetry magazine, you can email me at for any questions and advice.


Forever your friendly ghost,

Daniel Zomparelli
Publisher and Founder of Poetry Is Dead Magazine