Letter From The Editors

Our fourteenth issue, guest edited by Shazia Hafiz Ramji and Sheryda Warrener.

Poems that “shirk” adult responsibility and experiment into those “youthful” feelings of infiniteness, earnestness, and angst.

“I do not like these patients [with schizophrenia] … I feel them to be so far distant from me and from everything human, Sigmund Freud wrote in a letter at the beginning of the previous century. For such a colossal figure in mental health matters, this callousness is jaw-dropping, but what it illustrates is the extensiveness of prejudice towards people suffering from illnesses of the mind. These days we try to pluck the stigma that’s so deeply rooted in our history from our daily thoughts and actions. We work at dismantling preconceptions through art.

Our tenth issue of Poetry Is Dead is weird as fuck, and we love it.

Our Guest Editor Dina Del Bucchia gives you a peak inside the latest issue.

Our latest issue delves into the dark and sincere.