Braille Project

Braille Project

Featured in the Youth [Culture] issue of Poetry Is Dead is The Braille Project, which explores the incidental beauty of a language system not meant to be seen, placing emphasis on texture and touch. The pieces hold different information for different viewers: they are for the sighted, those with low vision, and those who are blind.


One of our main objectives is to push braille out of isolation. These paintings and poems invite those who are unfamiliar with this tactile language system to explore and celebrate it. The works are experimental, often playing with the orientation of braille and using it as a tactile graphic rather than standard text.


The braille in these paintings & poems is created manually, by punching dots using a stylus. Each letter consists of a pattern of dots, and each letter is embossed one at a time.”


Due to the high cost of braille printing, Faye Harnest has created a limited amount of the physical braille poems available for sale. We hope you will share the poem to those with a visual impairment.



Option 1 (painting) $3.50 CADOption 2 (shadows) $3.50 CAD


Faye Harnest and Devon E. Sioui are the creators of the Toronto-based The Braille Project, which uses tactile language systems and tactile materials to produce paintings and poems. Faye is a braille transcriber and author of the novel Girl Fight (2011). Her writing can also be found in The Capilano ReviewRampike Magazine and The Rusty Toque. Devon is an abstract artist with more than sixty paintings in private collections throughout the US and Canada. Visit