16 Pages: Digitally Crafted Chapbooks

16 Pages: Digitally Crafted Chapbooks

The chapbook has taken on a variety of forms in the digital age. Produced by Poetry Is Dead and curated by the magazine’s founder Daniel Zomparelli, Sixteen Pages presents a series of sixteen-page digital chapbooks from around the world that visitors can view using a smartphone or tablet. 

Referencing the print publishing standard of a sixteen-page signature, this exhibition explores how poets and artists are transforming the chapbook from a physical format that is distributed locally to a form of digital media that can easily be disseminated around the world. As part of the Vancouver Art/Book Fair we present the featured chapbooks of Sixteen Pages.

Chicken Scratch by Robert Swereda

The Cosmic Bend by Craig Dodman

Exi[s]t by Isa Lausas

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I Don't Need This Anymore by Trystan Carter



Noise and Silence by Christine Walde


Chapbook Authors/Designers

Trystan Carter is the only thing that would make my life and death and destruction and the other hand the same thing over and over again. 


Craig Dodman is a writer, an editor, and curator of the Grey Borders Reading series, living out of Niagara Falls. A graduate of Brock University, he has had creative work released in Steel Bananas, and dead (g)end(er). His manuscript Proteus Looks into the Mirror won the Michael Hornyansky Prize of Creative writing. His chapbook BODY PART/WEEKS PAID is available through Shirt Pocket Press. His next chapbook, co-authored with phil miletic, World 1 – 1, is available from 89Plus.


kevin mcpherson eckhoff is a lumbricus terrestris of bookishness. He makes occasional the somewhat real publishing enterprise, our teeth. His bff is called Jake Kennedy, his latest book is culled Forge, and if you can write his death scene, then please send it to theirbiography@myself.com! And thank you!


Nickel Gamble used to be a real person. Now, this person writes infections and anti-memoirs. Peep some of NG’s recent work in SELFIE and forthcoming in Rampike. And go hug a grandmother! 


Isa Lausas is a photographer and writer, born in Tornio, Finland. She moved to Marseille, France, at the age of 13 and grew up between those two countries. Isa graduated from ESADMM, the Academy of Fine-Arts of Marseille in 2012, after which she lived in Scotland and South Africa. Currently she is living and working in Saskatoon, Canada, where she is also undertaking a Masters of Fine-Arts in Writing at the University of Saskatchewan.


Author of re: verbs (Bareback editions), Signature Move (forthcoming) and a chapbook ionlylikeitwhenitrhymes (100tetes), Robert Swereda has served as a member of the Filling Station collective. He studied creative writing at Capilano University in Vancouver. Other work has been published by The Puritan, ditch, West Coast Line, The Incongruous Quarterly, steel bananas, The Capilano Review, Enpipe Line and Poetry Is Dead.


Christine Walde is a poet and librarian whose research interests range broadly within literature, libraries and archives. She has been published in a variety of print and online journals in both Canada and the US, including appearances in Branch, Carousel,The Fiddlehead, Lemonhound, The Malahat Review, The Rusty Toque, Plath Profiles and Vallum. She lives in Victoria, BC.



Daniel Zomparelli is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Poetry Is Dead magazine. He is the author of Davie Street Translations (Talonbooks 2012) and a podcaster for Can't Lit.